Oh! Hello there. My name is Lexus and I founded Haute media publicly in 2020. I have a background in business administration and spent my first few years of adolescents helping businesses grow from the ground up. This experience really grew my passion for helping business owners thrive and achieve their goals. Then, I decided to launch Haute Media to help myself achieve a great goal of serving others while being creative and doing the things that I love. 
I truly believe that anyone can do anything that they put their heart into and i am here to help you along the way to grow yourself and your brand. 


Designer, Social Media Expert, Avid learner always trying to grow my knowledge

Our passion for helping others and being creative is the backbone of Haute Media. We know that having a vision and executing the vision the way you dream it to be is two totally different things. We would love to help you bring your hard work and time to life and show your customers what you really want them to see! 

Every project is custom and personable to the client with thought and design in place to make life easier! What else could you ask for!? Whenever you are ready to get started with Haute Media simply fill out our Inquiry form and we will get to brainstorming!


I've always had an artistic soul, and throughout my life, I would find any and every way to make something a project or craft. Growing up in a family of artists, I often built my own toys and dollhouses from paper instead of playing with the real thing because I enjoyed it so much more! In 2020, I founded Haute Media after I finished my business degree and new I wanted to service others through my married knowledge of business and design. My passion soon evolved to my career, and I now am grateful to helping many businesses bring their visions and 

dreams to life! Haute media was started from the ground up by me and all my dreams. We have been growing organically ever since and I am so grateful you are here! When I am not strategizing or designing, I am in the pasture with my 9 horses or spending some quality time with my 1-year-old princess and significant other. Our family enjoys spending time outside when it's not -10 °F and plotting our next business endeavor. We also love traveling often and exploring the beautiful world we were given.

we believe in incorporating Curated intentional meaning into all aspects of your brand & social media Platforms





Haute Media Was founded shortly after my daughters' arrival in my California apartment.

Haute Media opened an office with resources to better improve our services

We rebranded to better align our mission, goals, and vision with our identity and we now serve an amazing community of entrepreneurs 

Im all about

Female entrepreneurs / women owned businesses / CLEAN LINES / bright & airy environments / tropical getaways / LAID-BACK CALIFORNIA VIBES / GRAINY FILM PHOTOGRAPHY / high class INTERIOR design / WHIMSICAL FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS / effortless but stylish outfits / buildings with lots of character / UNEXPECTED NUANCES / EDITORIAL PRINT

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